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Experts in ecommerce

We're Monwell: the ecommerce company behind the online bookshops of some of the UK's leading media organisations. We currently run fully serviced online bookshops for the Guardian, the Times, the TLS, the Express and the Mail.

About us

Established in 2016, and led by founder Sara Montgomery, we are a small and independent ecommerce company with a big heart and bold ambitions. The team of seven are based all over the UK, with some very important things in common. We are all experienced book marketers and retailers and we have a deep, specialised knowledge of publishing and media industries. 

We have unique access to some of the UK’s biggest media platforms, giving us unrivalled marketing reach. We run targeted multi-channel campaigns and as a result, we have developed a loyal and active book buying customer base in each store. 

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How we work

We work closely with publishers to identify key titles that will suit each of our diverse  customer groups and help them achieve a level of national newspaper coverage and sales for certain titles that would not have been possible otherwise.

Our media clients value the additional revenue they generate off the back of review and serial content. They also use books, as relatively low cost but high perceived value items, as incentives and to encourage membership and subscription or alongside their events programmes. Utilising our book publisher and supplier relationships, we facilitate this whole process for them.


In 2022 we sold over 200,000 books, generating over £2.3m in revenue. Our exceptional performance during the Lockdown years earned us a place on the 2022 FEBE Growth 100 list of the UK's fastest growing independent companies. And this year, we're proud to have been shortlisted for Book Retailer of the Year at the British Book Awards.

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