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Our values

Committed to doing ecommerce better

Monwell is a small, independent ecommerce business with a strong commitment to sustainability. We have a range of environmental, social and financial strategies to help us reduce our negative impact and contribute meaningfully to the lives of our employees, the local and global community.



  • Monwell operates using a virtual working structure. This allows our team, who are based all around the UK, to avoid excess travel and minimise our carbon footprint by reducing the need to use public or private transport to reach the workplace

  • As far as possible, we are a paperless company (apart from the books we sell, of course!). We discourage unnecessary printing and use recycled paper where necessary


  • All our packages are sent out in 100% recyclable high-grade cardboard boxes produced in a carbon neutral facility to full FSC compliance. Our in-box packing is either 100% recycled paper or biodegradable airbags.


  • Laptops. monitors, mice, keyboards - we use them all and, eventually, they will all break beyond repair. When we really can't fix something, we recycle all our electronic goods.


  • Monwell takes the wellbeing of its staff extremely seriously and we feel a real responsibility to making it an inclusive, supportive and motivating place to work. Our team is our greatest asset and we're proud of the culture we've created. We pay the team well and offer a stellar range of benefits, including above average pension contributions, health cover, generous holiday and free books!


  • We offer flexible working to encourage a healthy work-life balance and to make it possible for people with caring responsibilities to work around their commitments. Equal parental leave also ensures that all new parents, irrespective of their gender or role, are able to spend valuable time with their new arrivals.


  • We encourage employees to spend time volunteering in their local communities by offering volunteering days each month.


  • Wellbeing days offer the team the opportunity to spend the day taking care of their mental or physical health.


  • We are committed to encouraging inclusion and diversity in our team and creating a working environment free of discrimination or bullying. We promote dignity and respect for all, where all contributions are recognised and valued.


  • We work hard to source products with an ethical supply chain, good environmental practices and a strong social conscience.


  • We regularly make substantial donations to charities, either to support our media partners’ campaigns (e.g. the Guardian charity Christmas appeal) or to support causes that are meaningful to members of the team. 

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  • Monwell is committed to building a strong, valuable business that contributes to the UK economy. 

  • Where possible, we work with local and sustainable organisations and suppliers to support the local economy and support independent businesses. 

  • We are a responsible taxpayer. Although we’re a small company, the tax we pay has an important social and economic impact. (Take note, big guys…!) 

  • We are ardent supporters of the UK book trade. We don’t demand untenable discounts from publishers or suppliers and we offer customers the best prices we can afford to ensure that everyone is the supply chain – from authors through to the media organisations we partner with – can make a small profit from selling books.​

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